140 Best and Unique Business Economics Assignment Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation-2021

140 Best and Unique Business Economics Assignment Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation-2021

Business economics is the field of study in applied economics which uses economic theory and quantitative methods to analyze business enterprises and the factors contributing to the diversity of organizational structures and the relationships of firms with labor, capital and product markets. In business economics course, students deal with financial concerns and challenges encountered by business organizations while operating in an economy or a marketplace. To help students on how to easily come up with some unique topics in this field, academic-answers.net have prepared a list of 100 Unique Business Economics Assignment Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation-2021. These topics will help students in writing A+ dissertations, Business Capstone Papers, Economic homework and Business Economics Assignments. These topics are delivered from various major branches of Business Economics including the ones listed below.

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Development Economics and Innovation
  • Financial Economics
  • International Economy
  • Labor and Demographic Economics


This is a branch of economics which deals with structure, the performance, behavior, decision-making as well as the economy as a whole. In other words, macroeconomics tends to measure how good a given economy is performing, the forces driving it and how it performance can be improved. In this subject, students usually study the theory of economic development and the changing environment, for instance, how the poor and primitive economies can evolve into sophisticated and relatively prosperous ones. The factors included in economic development are – health, education, international & domestic policies, working conditions, and marketing conditions.


This is a branch of business economics which deals with the behavior of individuals as well as firms, in decision-making for the allocation of scarce resources. Microeconomics also studies the interactions between firms and individuals.

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140 unique business economics assignment topics

100 Unique Business Topic Ideas for Dissertation-2021 

  • The costs and benefits of incurring an annual federal budget deficit.
  • Cause and effects of the mortgage crisis.
  • The effects of the introduction of the national minimum wage on employment.
  • GDP growth rate and economic future of the United States.
  • Alternative policies towards the exchange rate.
  • The relation between urban and public affairs and define the problems faced by urban areas.
  • Why is urban development important?
  • Define the main purpose of urban planning.
  • Where is living better: Urban area or rural area?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the urbanization process?
  • Economic tools: alcohol abuse problem-solving.
  • Optimizing production in the food industry.
  • Automatic economic stabilizers.
  • Methods of sustainable economic development.
  • Inflation: essence, types, sources, consequences.
  • The impact of game theory on economic theory.

Topic Ideas for Dissertation

  • What is the effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget?
  • How income changes affect consumer choices.
  • Benefits of the opportunity cost approach to individual decision making.
  • Examples of homogeneous products in perfect competition.
  • Impact of marital status on the labor force composition.
  • Concept of market equilibrium.
  • Impact of price on consumer buying behavior.
  • How does advertising affect price elasticity
  • Impact of household, nature and industry conditions on microeconomic models.
  • Do luxury goods follow the law of demand?
  • How important is cross elasticity of demand?
  • Razor and blades business model.
  • What factors can influence the pricing system?
  • Why is studying tax incidence important for determining the equity of a tax system?
  • Compare the marketing strategies of Pepsi and Coca Cola.
  • Why are network effects important?
  • Barriers to entry and their effect on market competition.
  • Fair value vs market value.
  • Strategies of product differentiation.
  • Harmful impacts of cartels on consumers.
  • Is unemployment microeconomics or macroeconomics concept?
  • Causes of China’s consumer inflation.
  • Using microeconomics to maximize revenue.
  • Dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income distribution.

The Most Unique Business Economic Assignment Topics

  • Startups and depression: the dark side of entrepreneurship.
  • Conspicuous consumption in the market for smartphones.
  • Starting a business: how do entrepreneurs handle risk?
  • How do firms use the long-run average cost curve in their planning?
  • Businesses without offices – is this the way forward?
  • Coca Cola supply and demand analysis.
  • Difference between opportunity cost and implicit cost.
  • How do labor markets work?
  • How does minimum wage affect market equilibrium?
  • Sustainable economic development. The four greens.
  • European macroeconomic policies and risks.
  • What is the major role played by economic development?
  • Define the main objective of economic development.
  • What is included in economic development and what are its major theories?
  • Describe the three laws of economics along with the Keynesian theory.
  • International environmental concerns in economics.
  • Remittances role in spurring global economic growth.

Best Homework Topics for Business Economics

  • Economic factors of Dubai tourism demand.
  • The effects of inflation targeting.
  • Impact of oil prices on various countries’ GDP.
  • The political economy of international trade.
  • Limitations of GDP as a measure of economic welfare.
  • The significance of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” concept in modern economics.
  • The interactions of economic and political science.
  • The nature of the catch-up growth phenomenon in developing countries.
  • The benefits of medical tourism to the world economy.
  • Macroeconomic environment: self-correction of the economy.
  • Different forms of currency regimes and their impact on economic determinants.
  • The implications of internet-banking on bank profitability.
  • International political economy perspectives.
  • An invisible network of demand and supply.
  • Factors affecting marketing and production decisions.
  • The impact of monetary policy on economic stabilization.
  • Behavioral finance and economics.
  • Elasticity and its crucial role in business development.
  • Sustainability and trends of the global trade imbalance.
  • Financial economics for infrastructure and fiscal policy.
  • The ways to increase the stockholders’ equities after the settlement of liabilities.

Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics

Business Economics
Unique Macroeconomics topics
  • Core-Econ: what economic data offers this online platform?
  • The causes and effects of inflationary and deflationary gaps.
  • The most effective ways to reach market equilibrium.
  • The application of the macroeconomic concepts in real-life situations.
  • The trickle-down economics definition and aspects.
  • The impact of demographic fluctuations within a country on its economic performance.
  • The importance of the governmental support of small and medium businesses.
  • The causes of economic inequality, poverty of underdeveloped countries.
  • Macroeconomic implications of the healthcare sector development.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of hiring full-time workers for business.
  • Changes in equilibrium price and quantity.
  • Price and output determination under non-collusive oligopoly.
  • Discounted and non-discounted capital budgeting.
  • Impact of taxes and subsidies on market equilibrium.
  • Properties of Cobb-Douglas production function.
  • Why do economists regard normal profit as a cost?
  • Renewable resources: the impact of green energy on the economy.
  • Price discrimination and monopolistic competition.

Development Economics and Innovation Topics

  • Cournot competition vs Bertrand competition.
  • Income inequality. Relationship between Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient.
  • Pareto optimality in environmental economics.
  • Limit utility and Gossen’s laws.
  • Consumer preferences and budget constraints.
  • Advertising: economic efficiency and public interest.
  • Role of financial intermediaries.
  • Circular economy and its benefits for society.
  • Accounting profit vs economic profit.
  • Consumer’s equilibrium through indifference curve analysis.
  • Economic rent and transfer earnings.
  • Impact of a price ceiling on the market.
  • Theory of firm under perfect competition.
  • Government intervention inland market.
  • Theory and practice of anti-monopolistic regulation.
  • Small business in a market economy: value, problems, prospects.
  • Asymmetric information and adverse market selection.
  • Analyze the main customer trends in your area.
  • Explicit and implicit costs and accounting and economic profit.
  • Sources of financing in a commercial enterprise.
  • Law of diminishing returns in manufacture.
  • The importance of GDP for investors
  • Unemployment and inflation rates correlation.
  • The impact of biology progress on economic growth.
  • Price discrimination problem.
  • Is Mcdonald’s a monopolistic competition?

Common Topics for International Economy

20 Examples of Research Proposal Topics for a Perfect Paper
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  • Effects of increasing interest rates in Africa.
  • The structure, history, and activities of the World Bank.
  • Analysis of economic indicators for the United States and South Korea.
  • What leads a company to success?
  • First mover advantage in e-commerce.
  • The concentration of production in sectors of the domestic industry.
  • How to improve the profitability of a small store?
  • The real exchange rate and the nominal exchange rate.
  • Economic systems types: free market and a mixed economy.
  • Abu Dhabi commercial bank and financial regulation.
  • Economic inequality as a result of globalization.
  • Cultural differences and ethics of international trading.
  • What is economic analysis and why it is used for?
  • What are the ten most important economic factors?
  • Describe the economic determinants with its three key examples.
  • Mention the main purpose of data analysis in the research process.
  • What do you mean by induced economic impact and what are its 5 crucial economic indicators?
  • Economic analysis of criminal law.

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