40 Mind Blowing Fields to Specialize in Nursing

What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Just as with any profession, every nurse is different, and different people excel in a variety of environments. With community- and-corporate nursing taking a front seat within the nursing industry alongside specialties that are still strong, there are several careers within each sector. Regardless of which role you choose, you’ll always be able to put patient care first.

Community and family nursing

If you’re a people person and shine in the day-to-day care of everyone from infants to the elderly, a nursing career helping new mothers, women, or entire families, may work best for you. Here are some areas where you could make a difference on a personal, or community, level.

Parish Nurse

Encourage physical and spiritual health and wholeness within faith communities

Rural Nurse

Educate and treat rural communities regarding health and wellness issues

School Nurse

Focus your skills on students and staff in public or private schools

Family Nurse Practitioner

Handle duties commonly performed by a physician throughout a family’s life cycle

Home Health Nurse

Independence and autonomy will dictate your day as a home healthcare nurse

Nurse Case Manager

Use your knowledge and organizational skills to coordinate all aspects of patient care

Community Health Nurse

Identify health problems in the community and create intervention plans to prevent health and safety issues

Corporate, leadership, and administrative nursing

All types of environments outside the hospital or clinic need nursing expertise. You can make a difference in the courtroom, at the crime scene or in victim advocacy, the classroom, and even the corporate working world in these nursing roles.

Occupational Health Nurse

Bring healthcare expertise and business knowledge to a wide range of workplaces

Forensic Nurse

Investigate crime scenes or provide healthcare in assault cases or correctional facilities

Legal Nurse Consultant

Use clinical experience and critical thinking to consult on medical issues in legal cases

Infectious Disease NP

Prevent the spread of drug-resistant infections through policy-making and research

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Advanced practice registered nurses perform tasks once reserved for medical doctors

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Promote constructive health practices and disease prevention in young and old

Nurse Administrator

Create positive change and improve outcomes in patient health as a nurse administrator

Clinical Nurse Leader

Improve patient outcomes as you take on high-level leadership duties and lead healthcare facilities

Charge Nurse

Take the lead on shifts with strong communication skills and a knack for leadership

Specialized focus nursing

If you work better in a particular environment—think OR or ER—or specific group, such as heart patients or those dealing with cancer—you might fit best in one of these specialized fields of practice.

Psychiatric Nurse

Blend nursing, psychiatric, and therapeutic skills in this dynamic career field

Rehabilitation Nurse

Specialize in helping patients recover from severe injuries or chronic illnesses

Neonatal Nurse

As a neonatal nurse specialist, you’ll focus on the care of newborn infants

Perinatal Nurse

Provide healthcare to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period

Geriatric Nurse

Care for the elderly through plan development treatment for chronic illnesses

Parent-Child Nurse

Educate and support families during transitional phases of child-rearing

Pediatric Nurse

Supply preventative and acute care in all settings to children and adolescents

Women’s Health Nurse

Provide comprehensive, woman-focused healthcare to women of all ages

Oncology Nurse

Provide and supervise care for cancer patients who are chronically or critically ill

Acute Care Nurse

Provide advanced nursing care to patients suffering brief but severe illnesses

Cardiovascular Nurse

Care for people with heart disease and interact with your patients’ families

OR Nurse

Help care for patients before, during, and after surgery

ER Nurse

Perform critical care in a fast-paced environment with patients who have acute, urgent needs

Trauma Nurse

Treat patients with serious injuries from accidents and emergencies

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Provide care and monitoring of expectant mothers and babies during childbirth

Critical Care Nurse

Care for and treat patients with urgent life-threatening illnesses and trauma

Obstetrics Nurse

Work as part of a team for new parents and women trying to conceive

Specialization in Nursing

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Specialization in Nursing

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