Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

Critical points every homepage must specify

Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

12 Jan, 2018


Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

We dress well when we want to go out, and it’s the same phenomenon that applies to a homepage. It is the first page that visitors view and therefore create a perception about the rest of the website. Take yourself for example.

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There may be a thousand new websites that you’ve visited, thanks to the friends and ads on social media. But, how many of them can you name right now? Today, every business, no matter how big or how small, legal or illegal, has a website. People who visit these pages want all of their questions answered just by the homepage.

Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

And, to stay in business forever, you got to give the people, the things they need. If you can clear the given points on your homepage only, you will start getting the appreciation for your work.
What (in the name of God) are you trying to sell me?

Specify your services. Tell people the things you’re trying to sell them. Be it social networking or an e-commerce website; your homepage plays a vital role in showcasing what your website stands for. Suppose, yours is a site where random people can send each other friend requests, and get to have a chat with them.

Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

To make your platform reach the masses, try and create a homepage from where visitors will have to log in to go further. Share no more information, for everyone expects their personalities to stay a secret.

Do your services concern me?

Suppose, it’s you who’s trying to sell assignments over the web, and you have a team whose write-ups cater to only the students. Try to make it apparent how significant are your services to your audience.

Doing that, you will not only promote yourself but also specify it to the people that it’s students, you’re targeting. Nobody in this world wants to go over fifteen pages just to figure out that they’re on a wrong site. Respect everyone’s decisions as an individual as they’re your own. Give people the required information appropriately and gain some following.

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Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

Do I have to pay the price?
Do they? Mention it if your services are free or not on the homepage itself. If you are managing an e-commerce website, make sure that people are aware of additional membership charges, if there are any. The time has come when people are not afraid to make online payments anymore.

Several secured portals have given us reliability in the flexibility of online transactions. Still, not everyone who’s on the web is there to buy something. Some people just try to find if the things they want are available for free somewhere. Trapping them to pay an amount may do more harm to you than it’ll do good.

Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

How practical is the idea?
Nobody would want even to visit a website which doesn’t give them something more they can find at the comfort of home. The statement stands firm even when compared taking social networking websites in reference. After Facebook and Twitter became common, people became less receptive to sites with similar functionality.

To succeed in such a competitive market, Instagram had to rely on prioritising media over text updates. Come up with something which helps people either by easing one of their routine activities, or entertains them.

Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage If you keep working towards your goal without compromising with the few principles you made when you start working. The success that it will give you will be worth the effort. If you keep your concentration towards your work intact, given that the job is for a good cause, people will start appreciating you. From there, it’s just a matter of time that you achieve greatness in today’s society.

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Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

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Answers People Try to Find on Every Website’s Homepage

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