Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

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Banking system is a way to maintain few records which bank holds in order to keep a track of everything in the bank so a software application is required in order to make the work easier, for example- maintenance of international value of INR and other currency are also a part of the job of banking system.

The bank management is also required to act as the currency distributor and to serve the work for the nation’s well-being. This application is built to make it easier for the customers to track every transaction that is being made. Banking system assignment help is provided by

The main aim of an application is to somewhere automate records on the system. It gives all sorts of functions which are required by the bank in order to run a stable system. In addition to that it also helps to manually check the records of the pre-existing system like transactions that are made in the past.

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

The application also changes or manipulates the new data that is being added and is then re-recorded. One can also check their present transactions that are in process and keep a check on their accounts via this application. It’s not only useful for the customers but also for the admin.


Creating New Accounts-The application can be used to create two different types of accounts by the customers, which are Savings Account and Current Account. It helps save the hustle for the customer to visit the bank physically and create/use these accounts.

Depositing Money- As the world is moving towards the limited use of paper currency, depositing or transferring money from one bank to the other will become as easy as clicking a few buttons using this application. Withdrawing Money- Requests can be sent through the application to ask for money transfer as well.

Account Holder List- This is a feature for the admin. The admin can view the list of all the account holders.

Balance Enquiry- The customer can check their balance via this application.

Changing Passwords/PIN- The customer can easily change the passwords and pin numbers using the application.

Closing- The customer can close their accounts too using this application.

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used


JAVA-Java is a programming language which is simple in use but very powerful. It was started by sun micro-systems in 1991. It is totally platform independent.

SWING- Swing is basically a widget GUI toolkit which is used for java. This is also a part of java foundation classes (jfc) by

oracle– this provides a GUI for java programs. Swing was developed to provide a better as well as more sophisticated approach towards few set of basic components of GUI rather than earlier AWT (earlier abstract window toolkit). Swing provides more advanced components to the user such as scroll panes, trees, tabbed panels etc.

MY SQL- My-SQL is a very famous open source relation SQL also a database management system. It is one of the best relational database management system used for developing various projects on web.

MULTI-THREADING- In this we can basically divide a program into smaller processes. Each of them can be classified as a single thread. For example- if some lightweight process acts as a CPU (virtual) which will execute your code or system calls. Users don’t usually have to worry about these lightweight processes to program with few threads. It contains more than one thread which can run concurrently and each thread defines a separate path for execution.

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Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used


JVM- This is basically a virtual machine that gives the runtime environment for execution of a java byte code.

It does not understand any kind java typo, this why .java files are compiled in order to obtain .class file which further compiles into the byte code which can be understood by JVM. It has the control over every execution of every java program. It also has some features like garbage collected heap or automated exception handling.

JDK- JDK or Java Development Kit is basically a bridge of one of the platform of java, enterprise edition, or java platform. It also has a private form of JVM and few different resources in order to finish the full development of the java application. It is one of the most used SDK since the origin of java.

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

JRE– JRE or Java Runtime Environment, this is also called as java runtime. It is a set of tools for developing java applications, this is also a part of the java development kit. It also provides the user. This consists of- JVM, supporting files and core classes.

NetBeans- This is a platform on which software with some minimum requirements for helping in the execution of the java-based application. This development is done in java. It allows the user to develop the application from few set of modular components known as modules. Apps which are developed on NetBeans, they include the integration by NetBeans.

The IDE or development environment, they can manipulate or extended by few third-party developers. It is primarily used for development in java but it can be used in other languages as well such as C/C++ or Php MySQL Database- Database is used to store a collection of data. Each of these has some distinct API’s for managing or creating or accessing the data. MySQL is one of the best examples.

Even in the banking system, MySQL is used in order to hold the data when entered by the user. MySQL is fast as easy to use RDBMS. It has become very famous these days as it is released as an open source license. So, it is free.

The subset is handles is exceptionally large, normal SQL data language was used in development for banking system’s database. It works not only with java but also with a lot of different languages. The limit for table is also very large “4gb”, can be increased. Linking up the database with the java-based application is also fairly easy. So, this helped in holding the database for bank’s data.

Operating System- The OS, which has been used in developing the applications in windows 10. NetBeans as well java both support this OS. Windows CE as well as server is also there, which can be used as well. Visit for Banking Assignment Help is a professional online assignment help provider that provides quality assignment help to students.

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

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Background of Banking System - Assignment Point

Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

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Banking System- Its Scope and The Technology used

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