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The Literal Meaning of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is “the study of what is upon the people”. The term is derived from the Greek word:

  1. “Epi”- this means upon or among
  2. “Demos”- people, population, or district
  3. “Logos”- study, word, or discourse

The term is widely used in studies of zoological populations. This was first used in the year 1802 by Spanish physician Villalba. Epidemiology studies the difference in disease patterns causing the change in human behavior.

One of the key features of this study is the measurement of disease outcomes concerning a population at risk. Epidemiologists search for the three factors (why, when, where) to study the cause of disease. And this epidemiological information helps to plan and prevent from spreading the illness of affected patients.

Types of Epidemiology

Epidemiological studies fall into four main categories:

  1. Cross-sectional studies – This type of study measures the characteristics of the population in a short period. The result of this study can suggest factors or causes of a particular illness.
  2. Case-control studies – The “case” in the case-control study stands for a person who has some medical condition. The group of cases that are affected is then compared with a ‘control group’ not having any medical conditions.
  3. Cohort studies – In this, the group of people referred to strict surveillance for some time to notice the behavior or development of the disease. These studies can be retrospective or prospective.
  4. Intervention studies – This type of study intervene with a group of people. The most popular study in this includes RCT(randomized controlled trial).

Uses of Epidemiology

Epidemiology identifies the periodicity of infectious disease and describes the natural history of the disease in the individual. This mainly focuses on the actual or potential health problems within the community.

The other uses of epidemiology are:

  1. Takes into account all factors which cause disease.
  2. Evaluate new models of health care delivery.
  3. Uses quantitative tools for community diagnosis that identifies the diseases, and health problems in a particular community.
  4. Risk factor assessments in groups.
  5. Research and evaluation
    1. It checks the needs of the population and provides public health and health services
    2. Prevent diseases from spreading by providing services efficiently and effectively.

Epidemiological Triad

  1. AGENT refers to the microorganism that actually causes the disease. This can be in the form of a virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite. The presence of the agent is not always enough to cause disease.
  2. HOST is the organism that carries the disease, this agent infects the host. A variety of factors can influence an individual’s susceptibility, exposure, or response to a causative agent. Susceptibility is influenced by genetic composition, anatomic structure, and the presence of disease or medications.
  3. ENVIRONMENT is the extrinsic factor that allows the agent and the host to meet. Environmental factors include physical and socioeconomic factors such as geology or climate, crowding, sanitation, and the availability of health services.

Is Epidemiology a Science?

The importance of epidemiology can not be underestimated because of its longevity and enhancing life expectancy. Epidemiology forecast epidemics and pandemics thus helps in identifying future outbreaks. Epidemiology is complex and difficult because of socioeconomic and lifestyle factors. Undoubtedly, millions of lives have been saved only because of epidemiology.

Now, we know the importance of epidemiology but is it a science? This question is often asked despite knowing that it directly impacts our lives. Our dependence on it will only increase in the coming future.

See the source image

Of course, it is science, multiple variables like human diseases, climate, pathogens, and human social or travel dynamics make this course a complex field to study. With the increase in urbanization and new challenges by climate change, it proves that epidemiology plays an important role in guiding public health policies in the future.

Topics Covered in Epidemiology Assignment Help

This subject is considered the basic science of public health. Epidemiology covers several topics as it is a quantitative discipline and is a method of causal reasoning. Therefore the topics in this field are from various disciplines for example probability, statistics, biology, behavioral sciences, physics, etc.

The topics that are covered under this course are:

  • Cancer Epidemiology
  • Cardiovascular Epidemiology
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
  • Genetic and Statistical Epidemiology
  • Infectious Epidemiology
  • Neuro-Psychiatric Epidemiology
  • Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Epidemiology

The topics are covered under the two-year course, which aims at providing training in the methodology, design, and understanding of chronic and infectious diseases. This project fits those students who wish to dig more into epidemiological and biostatistical skills.

Problems Faced by Students doing epidemiology assignment

Epidemiology studies the investigation of the causes of disease and its accuracy is very rare. This multiple and complicated subject creates problems like including the specification of data, accuracy of the information, study of the size of the population, and the way results are presented. The technicality and complexity of this subject make it harder for students to prepare plagiarism-free assignments. Some students work at night and attend classes in the morning hence, they aren’t able to revise their notes.

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