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The elderly patient is the most challenging and complex patient in any hospital. They can be very demanding and difficult to handle. Therefore, human nurses have to use their knowledge and skills in order to create a good environment for them when they are in the hospital.

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Nursing is a profession that focuses on providing individualized care to the sick, injured, and those with mental health needs. The nurses provide care using a holistic approach which entails patient-specific care, consideration of social and cultural factors as well as physical and mental status. Nursing is often equated with caring for people who are older or who have certain disabilities.

The principles of nursing contexts of ageing are not linear but cyclical. This means that they consider factors that influence the risk or severity of an illness, disease or injury at any point in time.

The principles of nursing in ageing and geriatric contexts 

– The nurse needs to be cognizant of their own limitations and when to refer to a specialist when they are needed.

– The nurse needs to take into consideration that older adults may have different experiences and needs than younger people.

– The nurse needs to take into consideration that there might be coexisting conditions such as dementia or other neurodegenerative disorders.

– The nurse should not ignore environmental factors such as noise, light, and temperature which can cause complications for older patients.

Nursing is a profession that is both challenging and rewarding. With how quickly the world is changing around us, it is no surprise that the needs of our ageing population are also on the rise. This has put many pressures on nurses to respond to unique needs in different settings, including retirement homes, hospital wards, home-based care or personal care.

Nurses need to keep in mind that the person they are taking care of is not just their patient but also someone’s son or daughter; brother or sister; mother or father; grandparent; great-grandparent etc.

Challenges in nursing ageing

Nursing ageing is one of the most significant challenges of this century, as the number of older people is increasing globally. The perspectives of nursing care for older adults are different from those who are younger or middle-aged. Older adults, in general, have multiple chronic diseases and often suffer from cognitive impairment. Moreover, they also lack resources for self-care. However, nurses need to address these existing challenges with an open mind and be aware that every individual has a unique context which needs to be respected.

Nurses have a lot of responsibilities and it can be difficult to manage them all. Through our writers, we will help you learn about the principles of nursing in the context of ageing patients, as well as how it differs from other contexts.

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We provide writing services for nursing students where we explore some of these challenges and provide strategies for meeting them. It will also examine the principles of nursing in an ageing context and explore best practice approaches to providing care for this group.

Nursing duties and responsibilities

Nursing duties and responsibilities are not limited to a specific job description. Nurses may be assigned nurses education homework, nurse practitioner assignments or even nurse educator assignments depending on where they work and what their educational background is. Some nursing assistants may be required to perform staff development activities for other nurses if there is a shortage of them in the facility.

Nurses that work in rehabilitation settings may be assigned to teach patients how to move around independently and when it is safe for them to do so. Nurses may be required to conduct research on different medical procedures or treatments if they are not part of a doctor’s staff, which requires additional nursing assignments help from our experts.

Patient care: Nurses help to manage physical needs, prevent illness, and treat health conditions. To do this, they need to observe and monitor the patient, recording any relevant information to aid in treatment and making decision.

Involved in Patient Education and Support: Nurses should take the time to explain to the patient and their family or caregiver what to do and what to expect when they leave the hospital or medical clinic. They should also make sure that the patient feels supported and knows where to seek additional information.

Ageing care plan

The care giver should start a conversation about care planning with the person you take care of form to help start the conversation. If your care recipient isn’t able to provide input, anyone who has significant interaction with the care recipient which can be a family member can help complete the form.

One can talk to the doctor of the person you care for or another health care provider as a starting point for your discussion. A physician can review the form you started and help to complete it, especially if there is a conversation about advanced care planning.

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Ask about what care options are relevant to the person you care for. Medicare covers appointments that are scheduled to manage chronic conditions and for discussing advanced care plans. Medicare covers care planning appointments specifically for people with Alzheimer’s, other dementias, memory problems, or suspected cognitive impairment.

Discuss any needs you have as a caregiver. 84% of caregivers report they could use more information and help on caregiving topics especially related to safety at home, dealing with stress, and managing their care recipient’s challenging behaviors. Caregivers of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s are particularly at greater risk for anxiety, depression, and lower quality of life compared to caregivers of people with other chronic conditions.

Benefits of a care plan

It can reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and improve overall medical management for people with a chronic health condition, like Alzheimer’s disease resulting in better quality of life for all care recipients.

Care plans can provide supportive resources for you, the caregiver, to continue leading a healthy life of your own.

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In conclusion,

It is essential to work with your loved one to set personal goals that are based on improving their physical and mental health as well as their overall quality of life. Setting small goals, such as walking to the mailbox or baking cookies, can be motivating short-term or long-term objectives. It’s important to apply daily activities that will help them tackle these ambitions.

Minor advances can help a senior work up to quite meaningful achievements. When seniors are active participants in their own health and wellbeing, they are usually able to remain independent and safe in their own homes for much longer. The elderly population has continuously increased in number, but the number of registered nurses has not been able to keep up with that growth.

This gap leaves a large section of society without proper care for their health needs, as they do not have access to quality nursing services. The need for nurses who can answer these demands is great and we can see how governments around the world are trying to fill this gap by investing in initiatives such as education and training programs for nurses, recruitment drives among others.

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